New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

On New Year's Eve we hung out at home for a while and then went to church!  I love when they all cuddle on the couch with me!

Elijah got a tool set for Christmas and Elsie was obsessed with the goggles.  She was cracking us up with these on!

Once again poor PJ was just wanting to lay in his bed and Elsie had it!

Since we didn't get to go on the ski trip and to their New Year's Eve party, Tony planned our own little party!  The little's helped me make some popcorn!

The "ticket" to get in to the party was a glow bracelet he got us! (And McKenna is obsessed with Hamilton...hence all the Hamilton poses!)

Tony set up the basement with streamers for our party!

And he set up Elsie's chair, so they would all have a place to sit!

Tony also got some poppers for the kids to set off before we started the movie!

 New Year's day we went to go eat dinner with some of Tony's family at Fitz's! 


The Rest of Christmas Break Part 2!

On Friday I took the big's to the City Museum!  They were both scared of so many things there (!), but we still had lots of fun doing everything else!!

When we got home Elijah decided that the snowman needed a new hat, so he put his old hat on!
(Also, everytime Elsie sees any snowman she says "FROSTY!" It's sooo cute!)

I guess someone was ready to sleep! ;)

Saturday night we went to Lowe's to see if there was any Christmas things on sale we wanted.  Elijah insisted on wearing his sunglasses in there and he looked like such a cool dude! ;)


The Rest of Christmas Break Part 1!

-The company that took Elsie's baby pictures sent these in an email the day after Christmas to try to get me to buy them, and I had to snap some because SO CUTE!!

-We hung around the house most of the day, and then got to go to our final Christmas activity that night! The Elf dropped off a note that morning that we got tickets to go see Elf! The kids were SO excited because we LOVE that movie!

-PJ got this bed for Christmas from Tina and Mark, but someone else thinks it's hers!  Poor PJ just wants to lay in his bed!

-We saw Elf at the Peabody.  These 2 were so ready!

Elijah partied to hard over Christmas, so he fell asleep about 30 minutes into the show! 

-He has decided that he doesn't want to nap at home anymore.  We tried to maek him, but he would just keep Elsie awake during nap, so we started letting him go downstairs with McKenna.  Well, he's really not ready to totally drop a nap, and was getting SO crabby in the afternoons.  I sent him to his room for his crabbiness and told him not to come out until he was in a better mood.  Tony said he went into a shell in his room, so I went to check on him.  I pulled the blanket off his head and he was fast asleep!

-Poor PJ will never get his bed back!

-Elsie loves to put on her brother's new slippers!

That day we literally stayed home all day! It was a nice recovery day!


Christmas Afternoon and Evening!

After we got done opening presents, we got ready and headed to Tony's parents house.  We hit the road to Illinois and then got a flat tire.  Of course, on Christmas!  Luickly for us, an IL-DOT worker happened to see us from down under the bridge and drove up to change our tire.  Thank you, Jesus!  After about a 30 minute hiatus, we were back on the road!

After opening lots of fun presents, we went to my aunt's house.  To again open lots of fun presents! ;)

Tried to get a cute picture of these cute little boys, but no so luck!

Elijah was clearly over it at this point!

Elijah got a train table, and he was so excited about it!

Kenna got this microphone, and we had some dancing fun with it before dinner!

And then Kenna sang some Hamilton!

I realized I had NO pictures of all of us from Christmas, so we had to get one before the end of the night. LOVE my little fam!


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