Father's Day Weekend!!

Friday night we went to Tony's softball game, and then to get some ice cream!  The kids had the best time at the game that night. They each got to bring $2 from their piggy bank to buy snacks, and they had so much fun figuring what they wanted with their money!

Kenna had a softball game Saturday morning and then we went to the pool for a while! Elsie was having fun playing by the chair, so I got to relax for a bit!
 That night we went to get family pictures.  Tony and I both decided that it was probably one of the worst hours of our lives.  All 3 kids were uncooperative, and just awful!!  It was extremely stressful!!  But, I've seen some of the pictures and we got some good ones!

Sunday morning we ate breakfast, and then headed to church.

Elsie is such a stinker, and took all the donuts out of the box and put the in the pirate ship!  

When we were leaving for church, Elijah was really upset that he couldn't wear this necklace!

After church we headed to get some pretzels, and got this cute video!

Then we headed to Tony's parents for a while, and then back to the rental house!


3rd Week of Summer! (June 12-16)

Monday:  We dropped Kenna off at swim practice and tried to go to the gym but kids' club was closed, so we went to the grocery store and Target!

McKenna sat around in her suit with her swim cap on all day.  This pic reminded me of Michael Phelps when he would listen to his headphones before races.  Girl was getting pumped up!!

Her first real swim meet started at 5:30, so Tony got to see her first race before he left!  Elijah took pictures of everyone in attendance! ;)

My dad was in the area and happened to call, so he came too.

While we were there that night Elsie took 3 little baby steps!!!

Elijah had the best time playing with other kids!!  Here he is messing with the older kids that were in the tennis courts waiting for their races!

Kenna ROCKED this race!! She improved both free and back SO MUCH! We were so proud of her!!

She took 8 seconds off free, and 17 off back in just 1 week!!

Tuesday: It was a pool almost all day kind of day!  We were at the pool that morning for Kenna's swim practice, we went again around lunch for a few hours, and then headed back after dinner!! These kids are going to turn into fish!

Wednesday:  After swim, we went shopping for a bit.  My dad was bringing the kids over some CFA, so we waited outside for him and Elijah watered the plants in the meantime!

After naps we went to Chipotle for Buy 1 get 1 free nurses day, and then headed to Kenna's softball game. Elsie figured out how to drink out of a straw and was IN HEAVEN drinking  Elijah's Sprite!

Kenna was 2 for 2!

Elijah made a little buddy at the game, and played trucks with him almost the whole game!

Thursday:  Today was our 4th anniversary!  It was the linen anniversary this year.  I got Tony a linen shirt, and he got me a linen Tory Burch bag. I LOVE it!!!  Tony worked Wednesday night, so he slept most of the day on Thursday.  I took the kids to CFA that day (free nuggets for Cards game!), and then we went to the pool to eat, and then swim!

I got Elijah these goggles and he cracks me up in them!!!

Elsie was more interested in climbing all over me than in swimming!

That afternoon after naps, I took Kenna for a diving/stroke development lesson.  She is doing much better at diving now!

That night we went to the Cardinal game!  Elijah went through this stage where anytime you asked him a question about when something would happen, he would say 2-8-5 minutes.  Tony tried to get him to say it, but he's talking so much more he doesn't really say it anymore, but this is close!

It was so HOT in our seats, that we literally watched about 3 pitches.  We then went out and the kids played/danced on this stage for a while and then we headed to the kid's area.  We had a fun time!

After the game we went to Ice's for the first time this year!  It was amazing, as always!

Elijah makes THE FUNNIEST facial expressions.  Here's just a few!

We hung out at the pool while McKenna was at swim practice.

We hung around the house for a bit, and then Tony and I went to work on the rental house for a few hours.


Kristin's Wedding Weekend!

Last Friday was the day before Kristins' big day!  First up was her bridal luncheon!  It was so beautiful!

That evening it was time for the rehearsal!


We took the kids home to a sitter, and then went to the rehearsal dinner.  It was a great time!

Saturday it was the BIG DAY!  We headed to Blown Away for hair and makeup!  Kenna's hair looked amazing!!

After that we went to the hotel to get some pictures, and then headed off on the bus to Forest Park!  Kristin was such a beautiful bride!!

It was finally wedding time!  Elijah got cold feet at the last second, and ran away right before he was supposed to walk down the aisle!  Tony had to run back and get him because he was wanting to go down the aisle with my dad!  Kenna rocked her flower girl walk!

Elijah decided he wanted to make a last minute appearance and came stand with me for a bit!

Since Elijah refused to walk down the aisle earlier, I made him walk down with her after everyone left to get a picture!

Tina came to get the kids and then it was time for the reception.  We had an AMAZING time and it was the best day!! Congrats Sis!!!

On Sunday we slept in and lounged around until about 12, and then headed to the pool!  We stayed for awhile, the kids napped, and then we went to celebrate Gussie's birthday! It was a GREAT weekend!!

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