The Week Before and Labor Day Weekend!

We had to go to Sam's to get some things, and somehow my 9 year old can still sit in the front of the cart!

We got some donuts for breakfast and this little stinker snuck one out of the box and started eating it!

I got the kids this cardboard market that they had to color before we put it together.  We all had fun coloring it on and off for a couple weeks before we finally put it together!

After we put the kids to bed, Elsie was just singing her little heart away.  It was so cute!

Tony went in to check on the kids before we went to bed and saw Elijah like this!  First of all, he looks soooo long.  And the pink socks and slippers are hilarious!  He also went through this short faze where he wanted to sleep each night without a shirt!

We found out that McKenna got in a musical that she tried out for.  170 people tried out and 50-something got in, so we were super proud of her!  She will be a can can napkin in Beauty and the Beast!  We took her out for ice cream to celebrate!

On Wednesday McKenna bridged from a Brownie to a Girl Scout!

After Girl Scouts we went to Target before McKenna's volleyball practice.  Elijah loves to help, so of course he carried out the bag for me!

When we got to the car, Elsie was singing Five Little Monkey's.  It was adorable!

 After school on Thursday we went to a park by my mom's.  The kids had fun exploring a new playground!

That night McKenna said that she wanted to give the little's a bath!  She was so sweet with them and it was very helpful to me!

On Friday we went to Harlow's party.  The kids had a great time!

Saturday night we went to Jack's party at the pool!  Before we left Elsie was laying in bed with me.  She recently has started saying "I love you" back after I say it, so I had to get it on video!

 Sunday we went to church in the morning.  I guess McKenna or Elijah took this picture?  Putting in Elsie's daily pig tails!! The pig tails cover her bald spot the best, so we do them almost every day!

That evening we went to my aunt's house for dinner!
Monday we went to the pool for the last time of the season. Boo!  We spent the evening at home relaxing!


This and That

The last full week of August was pretty laid back.  School and relaxing!
-We went on some walks!

-I found an old tape of my sister and I.  Elsie looks so much like Kristin!

-And walked some more!

-We went to the park

-We danced on tables!

-We ate dinner at one of our favorite places!

-I got a fun night out with a friend!

-We played restaurant!

-The kids got to eat and play at McDonalds!

-On Sunday we went to church and the pool!  It was a fun, low-key week!


(Kenna's) First Week of School!

Kenna had to get a picture with one of her sweet friends, Jack!  

After the first day of school, the pool had an ice cream social! Of course I forgot to bring our bathing suits, so we just ate some ice cream and then left!

That evening we played outside!  I was playing ball with McKenna and Elijah, and Elsie just walked around the rocks the whole time.  She LOVES to walk around edges!

Elsie found her bag from school with her blanket and pillow, so she just set up herself a little bed in the dining room.  She is such a cutie!

Elsie cracks me up with her selfies!

Randy got the kids rocket-copters, so we played with the outside one evening!

Saturday was a busy day!  McKenna had tryouts for a musical, then she had a birthday party, then Tony and the little's and I went to a craft fair, and then we went to a pool for a BBQ with friends!

Sunday we had church and then McKenna tried out for another musical!  She was excited because she got a dance call back!

This girl was just plain cute the whole weekend! :)

The weekend ended with some sibling play!


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