5th Week of Summer!

McKenna and Elijah had another week of VBS, so it was just me and this cutie running errands that morning!  She LOVED getting to push her own little cart!

Once we picked up the big kids we were going to go run another errand.  But Elsie had somewhere else she wanted to go!

Elsie found this Jack in a box, and her reactions were hilarious!

Tuesday Elsie and I went over to Kathy's house to see baby Bear while the bigs were at VBS.  She LOVED him!  She keeps asking to see him again!

After I picked the big kids up from VBS, we went to lunch with Kathy, Julie and Annemarie.  The kids got some adorable cookies.  Elsie picked out a flamingo!

Elijah got a bomb pop!

After lunch it was time for the dentist!  No cavities for Elijah or McKenna! Thumbs up for that!

That night we got to go to the baseball game thanks to Kathy and Don! There was a rain delay until 8:40, but that didn't stop us from going!  There were like 3 homeruns that night and the kids loved getting to see the fireworks!
(Elsie turns her should in like this in so many pictures now. It's so cute!)

Wednesday the kids had VBS and then we went to the pool.  McKenna's friend and her brother were there, and they all played with each other.  Her friend just moved a few doors down so she and her brother came over to play after we got home from the pool.  It was Elijah's first play date and he had SO much fun!

Wednesday night Tony went to the baseball game again, so the kids and I went to Six Flags!  We stopped to get hot dogs and pretzels before we left.  I think it's safe to say that Elsie likes cheese!

This!!! Elsie and Elijah's faces are priceless!

We went on Thunder River and Elsie was NOT a fan!

Somebody put a coin in this and didn't finish playing, so we played this for a while!  You got to keep playing until you got a rubbery ducky!

Thursday I got what I've been waiting for for a year and a half!! Woohoo!

DMV time.  This is how I feel too, Elsie!

Friday morning was the VBS performance!

After the performance, everyone went to the pool!

Friday night we went to a Madge (our soon to be new street) Happy Hour.  We had a great time there, and then took all the kids for a late night swim!  Since it was right around the corner, Elsie drove with dad!

Saturday morning Elijah had t-ball!

Saturday evening we went to the pool after spending much of the day packing!

After the pool we went to get ice cream with some friends! LOVE summer nights!

Sunday we packed and then went to Kathy's house to celebrate Pete's birthday!

On the way home a song came on the radio and Elsie said it was her song! This girl has such attitude that she got mad at McKenna for singing "her" song!  Oh, 2 year olds!!


4th Week of Summer!

Monday morning the big 2 went to VBS!  They were both SO excited! After VBS we ate some lunch and then headed to the pool!

This little cutie loves to get into everything of mine!

Tuesday morning we had pancakes for breakfast and then it was off to VBS again!  

After VBS we headed to the pool and then we had to drop my car off to get an oil change. 

During nap time for Elsie, Elijah and McKenna wanted to watch a "wedding" movie with me.  I was watching a Hallmark movie on Monday afternoon and Elijah watched it with me.  He said "I like those wedding movies" and so they watched one with me again on Tuesday!  I LOVE how they were laying there holding hands! 

After Dad got home from work, they relaxed together for a bit!

Wednesday I had a dentist appointment while the bigs were at VBS.  Elsie went with me and she was SO good.  She just sat on the chair with me and watched my phone! 

They gave her a new toothbrush and she couldn't wait to use it! 

Elsie is just so darn cute I can hardly stand it.  When certain songs come on the radio she'll say "Elsie's song" and do a little dance, or "mommy's song, etc.  Lightning and Thunder came on and she said "Eli's song!"

Payton's birthday was Wednesday so we sent her a video!

Wednesday night Tony was supposed to have a softball game but it got cancelled, so off to Six Flags we went!

After Six Flags we went to Young's!  Tony, McKenna, and Elijah always get a cherry dipped ice cream from there after dinner.  Elijah ended up with a cherry goatee!

Thursday the kids had VBS in the morning.  That evening some friends rented the pavilion at our pool and threw a little party.  It was a really fun night!

Friday morning we dropped the bigs off at VBS and then came back home.  Elsie was busy making me coffee!  It's been fun having some one on one time with this cutie!

After VBS on Friday they had a picnic lunch and the Bubble Bus game.  The kids were in heaven!!

There were so many bubbles that Elijah was able to make a snow angel on the ground!

Then Elsie had to get in on the action!

Except she did a face first snow angel! haha

Then Elijah decided to just lather his head with bubbles and pretend like he was washing it! 

Right as it was ending a terrible storm rolled in. The kids were DISGUSTING and there was no way I was letting them in my car.  Since we live right down the street from the church, we just made a run for it home.  We were SOAKED!

And Elijah was NOT a happy camper!  He had bubbles in his eyes and mouth and he was OVER IT!

Friday night I had book club, and Tony and the kids had a movie night in the basement!

Saturday Elijah was supposed to start t-ball, but he fell down the stairs on the way there and but up his knee pretty bad, so he didn't play that day.  After t-ball the kids rode their cars to the park.   

We went to dinner at McAllister's that night for dinner. 
Sunday was church and hanging out at home! After dinner we went to get snow cones! 

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