Last Day of School Pics!!

One of our favorite days of the year finally arrived...the LAST day of school!!
Here's the first day/last day pics of the 2018-2019 school year!

First & Last day of Preschool

First & Last day of Pre-K

First & Last Day of 4th Grade

Tony and I both agree that Kenna changed the most, Elijah second, and Elsie third.  Crazy how much they can change in 9 months!


Summer Break Week 1! (With a little bit of school!)

On the last day of school for Eli, Elsie and I, Elsie had to double fist her pop tarts to make it through  the day! haha

Our first day of summer was Kenna's last day.  Her Talent Show was that day, so we got to go!
 She was in 3 things!
First she sang a solo.  She did SO good and I was SO proud of her!

Next, her and a friend did one of their recital songs.

Finally, some of the 4th graders did lip syncing to Old Town Road!

School got out a noon, so we then headed to the park with friends!

After the park we went home to relax of a bit before the End of Year Dance Party at McKenna's school.  Elsie is such a "silly goose" (which she calls people ALL THE TIME and is sooo cute!), and put a chip between her toes and then ate it!  

Time for the Dance Party!

After the dance party Tony had softball games at 8:30 and 9:30 so we went there with friends!

On Friday we went to Six Flags later in the afternoon with family for the Children's Hospital Event!

I forgot to put a swim diaper on Elsie so her regular diaper got huge.  She said she had a "big booty!"

Saturday Elsie took out the trash bag and put in a new one all by herself!

In this video she does her "yay" thing where she shakes her hands when she says yay and it's soooo cute.

Saturday was a crazy busy day!  We had class from 9-12, then we had a home visit from 12:30-2:30, Kenna had a hair cut at 3:15, and then we had friends over for a pizza party at 5!  I got no pictures of the day either!

On Sunday  we went swimming at Tony's parents pool after church!

McKenna jumped with Elsie off the diving board!

And no better way to end the week than ice cream!


Memorial Day Weekend!

On Friday we went on a super fun Scavenger Hunt around Brentwood put on by the Brentwood Parks!  We were given a list and each item we got a picture with was worth different points.

And we're off!!

My competitive side came out and I made them run everywhere!! Unfortunately Elsie slowed us down quite a bit! haha

This one we had to cheer in the baseball stands!

Clearly the "dab" was the picture theme of the night! haha

After the scavenger hunt they had pizza for us and then we got to go ice skating for free!!

Elsie and I didn't last very long skating, so we played with snapchat!

Saturday morning Tony and I had class, and then we had a dance party!

That evening we had some friends over for dinner!

Sunday we went to church and then went to Tilles so the kids could play at the splash pad!

Elijah was cracking me up because he kept karate chopping the water!

After dinner we went to get some snow cones!

On Monday I went to the gym and when I came home the kids were having a Popsicle party in the garage!

That afternoon we went to see Aladdin!

Unfortunately because of snow days, we had to go back to school on Tuesday but it was a great weekend to semi start summer!

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