Halloween Week!

For the week leading up to Halloween, we packed in lots of spooky fun!
We started off by going to Boo at the Zoo with our family!

Friday night we went to the Brentwood Spooktacular at the YMCA!


McKenna found this shirt at my mom's house and wanted to send a picture to Sissy!

Saturday morning was Bear and Alice's baptism!

Saturday afternoon we went to the Fall Festival at the Rock Church.  My kids love going to this every year!

Saturday evening Tony and I went to dinner with some friends!

Sunday we carved pumpkins!

McKenna drew The Greatest Showman and wanted me to cut it that's what this is! ;)

Elijah wanted a shark!

And Elsie wanted a cat!

Tuesday night Tony and I went to see ELTON JOHN!!!!! I was SO EXCITED about this concert and it DID NOT disappoint!!!

Wednesday I got to help with Kenna's party at school!

That evening we went over to a friends house for Trick or Treating!  


Mid-October Happenings

Elsie kept wanting to play this game where she would hide under the blanket and I would pretend to step on her because I didn't know she was there!

Elijah made this super cute bed for his spiderman! He put a toy shovel under his mattress and had it hanging out and then  put a turtle shell on top of the shovel for spiderman's bed!

We love CFA dinner nights!

Getting cards from Gammie is always a big hit!!

When Dad is in charge of your clothes for the day...

We went to a fun movie night at a friend's house!

When you had a long night the day before...

Elsie bought an ice cream kit with the money Gammie sent her.  It's been a HUGE hit!

We went to dinner to celebrate Grandma Tammy's birthday! One the way there we got a little concert from the girls!

We met Gammie to get some new shoes. Elsie was happy about that! ;)

Figuring out which books she wants to buy from the Scholastic book order!

Love when they lay like this together!

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