First Day of School 2017-2018!

Even though the little's started school the week before, we're just goign to pretend that everyone started on the same day McKenna did, the 15, because that's the day I took everyone's picture!  We had to give their teacher's a little back to school treat!

She is just looking so grown up to me lately! are OVER!

He always scrunches his nose when I make him smile. He HATES getting his picture taken and this picture took lots of bribing!


Back to Life, Back to Reality...

Monday, August 7, it was back to work for me, and back to "school" for the little's!  Both of them cried so hard when I dropped them off, so that didn't make the day start very easy!! Lucky for McKenna, she still had a week off, so she got to go to Sky Zone with dad!

McKenna had been begging for spaghetti, so we had some that night.  Elsie loved it, too!

After dinner we went for a walk, and then hung out in the front yard for a while.  McKenna was just sitting there saying "hi" to anyone who went by!

After the walk, it was ice cream time!

On Tuesday McKenna and Tony were going to the zoo and Kenna asked if they could pick up Elijah and bring him.  He was SO excited to go!

After I picked up Elsie, we all went to the pool!

We had a little Popsicle treat after dinner!

We played outside for a while after dinner!  Love seeing these 3 play together!

On Thursday it was McKenna's ice cream social night! Elijah was so mad that he didn't have a desk to put school supplies in!

Friday night we took a little evening stroll!

Saturday we went to dinner, and then met Sissy at the park.

Elsie made a new friend at the park.  It couldn't have gotten any cuter!

Sunday morning everyone was very excited to see each other! These guys really loved each other something fierce!

We played outside for a little that morning.  Elsie was having a blast walking to all the different chairs and sitting on them! She would just laugh and smile so big as soon as she got on them.

Sunday night there was a concert at Brentwood Park, so we walked over there for a while before bedtime.  It was a fun way to end the weekend!


Lazy Weekend!

This was my last weekend before school started, and I wanted it to be pretty relaxed!  Saturday we went the gym, and then went to Tony's softball game.  After that, the little's napped and I cleaned the house.  

That night we had dinner at home and then went to get some ice cream at Ice's!

Sunday morning we lounged around the house until church.  Elsie ate some donuts for breakfast.  She cracked me up because she would take out a donut, take a bit, put the donut back in, close the lid, and then repeat!

While we were laying on the couch, Elijah was playing with a toy car and the wheel got stuck in between his teeth, where he lost his tooth.  It was funny but I couldn't' laugh because he was freaking out!

That night we went to Tony's championship game and then got some pizza!

And then it was straight home and to bed because SUMMER IS OVER!!!!  :(


Greta Kathleen's Day!

While we were on vacation we found out that my cousin, who was 37 weeks, lost her baby.  She had the baby, Greta, on July 20.  We are still just so heartbroken.

On August 4, they had a burial for Greta. It's so hard to understand why this happened, but we just have to trust in God.  Greta's day was just beautiful!  

After the burial, the family had a luncheon at Pietro's.  Elijah loved getting to play with his Cincinnati cousin's!

There was a Mass later that afternoon, and afterwards we went to their house.   Everyone let out balloons and said "God Bless Greta Kathleen."  It was beautiful!

We will forever miss sweet Greta.  


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