Kristin's Wedding Weekend!

Last Friday was the day before Kristins' big day!  First up was her bridal luncheon!  It was so beautiful!

That evening it was time for the rehearsal!


We took the kids home to a sitter, and then went to the rehearsal dinner.  It was a great time!

Saturday it was the BIG DAY!  We headed to Blown Away for hair and makeup!  Kenna's hair looked amazing!!

After that we went to the hotel to get some pictures, and then headed off on the bus to Forest Park!  Kristin was such a beautiful bride!!

It was finally wedding time!  Elijah got cold feet at the last second, and ran away right before he was supposed to walk down the aisle!  Tony had to run back and get him because he was wanting to go down the aisle with my dad!  Kenna rocked her flower girl walk!

Elijah decided he wanted to make a last minute appearance and came stand with me for a bit!

Since Elijah refused to walk down the aisle earlier, I made him walk down with her after everyone left to get a picture!

Tina came to get the kids and then it was time for the reception.  We had an AMAZING time and it was the best day!! Congrats Sis!!!

On Sunday we slept in and lounged around until about 12, and then headed to the pool!  We stayed for awhile, the kids napped, and then we went to celebrate Gussie's birthday! It was a GREAT weekend!!

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