6th Week of Summer! (July 3-7)

Monday: We hung out at home during the day while Tony worked on the rental house.  That evening we all went to the pool until it closed at 9.  It was a fun time!

Tuesday:  Happy 4th of July!  We went to a fun little neighborhood parade that morning, followed by patriotic popsicles!  I think Elsie loved hers! ;)



That afternoon a whole bunch of  Brentwood freinds got together for a big barbeque, and softball game for adults/wiffle ball game for kids.  It was such a fun time!  Elsie had herself a little following of these cute little girls!

That evening we went to Webster for fireworks!

Wednesday:  We went to the gym in the morning, and then hung out at home until McKenna's swim meet that night!

After the kids went to bed, I did some fun comparison pictures of the girls.  Matching curly hair, and matching dresses!

Thursday: After swim practice in the morning, we came home for a bit.  We then went to get some CFA and then had lunch at the pool!

It was Cardinal day at CFA, so I put this little cutie in a pony tail with her bow!

That night we met a lady I work with and her granddaughter at Six Flags.  I forgot my phone in the car and got no pictures!  McKenna did go on the Superman with them and I was shocked! She said she was super scared and never wants to ride it again! ;)

Friday:  Kenna had swim, we went to the gym, got Sissy some birthday things, and then had a checkup for Kenna!
 During naps, I went to the rental to work.  After I got home we ate some dinner, and then headed to the pool!  Not before this little girlie got herself a little donut dessert!

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