10th Week of Summer (July 31-August 6)

Monday morning after the gym we headed to the zoo!  We haven't been to the Children's Zoo all year, so that's what we did that day!

After naps, we headed to the pool for dinner and swimming!

Elijah is such a "do the right thing" kid. (Well....most of the time, that is!!)  2 examples from that night at the pool!  A friend's little girl was walking around to all of the pool chair's and pushing the back forward so that it was laying on the front of the chair.  He was following behind her, putting all the chair back's back in the place, and telling her no, that she shouldn't do that!  Also, we were sitting by our table and Elsie was eating some pretzel's.  She grabbed the bag some weird way, and it ripped down the sides and pretzels spilled out everywhere.  She laughed and thought it was so funny.  He kept saying, "Stop laughing, baby, that's not funny," over and over and was getting so mad at her for laughing!! He also helped me pick them all up.  He is the sweetest!

On Tuesday morning we headed to Grant's Farm, with what felt like the rest of St. Louis!! It took us about 1.5 hours to even get on the tram!! Elsie entertained herself with Kenna's hat while we were in line!

Finally we were off!!

Elijah loved seeing all the animals and keeps asking to go back!  We watched a bit of the bird show, and the elephant show.

While the little's napped that afternoon, Kenna and I went on a mommy/daughter date to play basketball...her choice!

That night we went down to City Garden to the splash pad.  Elsie was stylin'!

Elsie had SO much fun playing in the water!

After we played in the water for a while, we went to go check out the rest of the park!

My 2 climbers!  So many people say that boys are the daredevil's, climber's, rambunctious ones, but in this family it's the TOTAL opposite!

Elijah got my phone and said "me want to take picture of you and baby." Done!!  He got her smile better than I ever can!

On our way home we went to get ice cream at the Tower Grove Creamery!  Elijah ALWAYS gets "orange" ice cream (only because he's OBSESSED with the color orange) but that night he wanted chocolate chip!  I was shocked!

I hate this picture of me, but I want to remember my sweet time with this little love of mine.

On Wednesday we went to the the gym and then headed to the pool.  McKenna's friend Jackson was there and she stayed at the pool with him when I left with the little's, and then went to his house for a play date.  His mom sent me this cute picture!

Pool hair don't care!!!!!!

That night we went over to Tony's parent's house again to swim!  Elijah had some Cheetos's and they were literally all over his face!

This girl basically never leaves my side!  I don't mind! ;)

Thursday Tony was off, so we went to the History Museum Kid's Clubhouse.

We came home for naps and then headed to Six Flags!  We were going to go to the waterpark and as soon as we got there it started POURING.  It literally rained about 3 days this summer, and 2 of the days were right when we got to Six Flags!! We passed some time hanging out with Sylvester!

And whoever this rooster is!

Then we went to Daffy Duck's Dance Off, where McKenna got to be a dancer!

By the time the rain stopped the water park was closed, so we went to ride some rides until around 8 and then went to Young's!

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