Cheers to the Weekend!

The last weekend of July was a fun one!  On Saturday we went to the gym in the morning, and then played in the backyard until nap time!

After naps we went over to swim at Tony's parents' for a while.  Tony was supposed to work that night but got called off, so we went to a go-cart place with his brother's, and our nieces and nephew.  We had the BEST time!!  We found a groupon for unlimited rides for 2 hours, so we bought that.  Elijah LOVED getting to ride in the go-cart! (Well the first time...the second time he went with Tony and they had to leave the race early.  Guess I'm a better driver!!)

Payton drove McKenna about 5 times that night.  McKenna was obsessed!

For some reason this game kept working for free, so Elijah and I got to play for a while.  He really enjoyed it!

The girls did bumper cars while we played! 

To end the night we played miniature golf.  I didn't think Elijah would make it through all 18 holes, but he did great and had so much fun! We all did!!

We had some coins to use, so we played skeeball right before leaving.  It was almost 10 pm at this point!

I think the night wore Elijah out!

On Sunday we went to church, got some pretzels, and then went over to Annemarie's house to celebrate Fred's birthday!  Elijah loved the Imo's pizza!

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