Lazy Weekend!

This was my last weekend before school started, and I wanted it to be pretty relaxed!  Saturday we went the gym, and then went to Tony's softball game.  After that, the little's napped and I cleaned the house.  

That night we had dinner at home and then went to get some ice cream at Ice's!

Sunday morning we lounged around the house until church.  Elsie ate some donuts for breakfast.  She cracked me up because she would take out a donut, take a bit, put the donut back in, close the lid, and then repeat!

While we were laying on the couch, Elijah was playing with a toy car and the wheel got stuck in between his teeth, where he lost his tooth.  It was funny but I couldn't' laugh because he was freaking out!

That night we went to Tony's championship game and then got some pizza!

And then it was straight home and to bed because SUMMER IS OVER!!!!  :(

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