Labor Day Weekend!

We started our long weekend by going to the park for a while after school.  It was a beautiful day and we loved getting to enjoy the weather!

Kenna wanted me to swing with her for a while.  I lasted about as long as it took to take this picture.  Swinging makes me so nauseous!

After the park we went to Cici's for dinner.  Elsie ate more than the other 2 combined!  She was hilarious.  And she LOVED the white pasta sauce.  Enough to drink it! ;)

Saturday morning we went to the gym and then the grocery store.  Elsie couldn't make it out of the store without having an applesauce!

She is SO funny.  She loves to grab anything that she thinks you want or that she's not supposed to have.  And the second you say her name, she'll just start laughing and run as fast as she can away from you. Here she's doing it with my sunglasses.

Tony was working outside and McKenna and Elijah decided that they wanted to work outside too, so they washed their cars!

We went to dinner that night.  This cool kid joined us! ;)

Elsie sat in a booster that night and I could hardly stand that she was so big!

Seriously.  I can't handle her in those pig tails.

Elijah wanted me to take a picture of him with his orange! :)

Sunday morning we played outside for a while before church.  Elijah was into playing Kung Fu Panda!

Elsie is just growing so fast and doing such big girl things!

That evening we went over to my aunt's house.  We had some ice cream for dessert, and Elsie thought it would make a good hair product.  Her hair was stiff.

She loved getting to play with the bigger kids!

Monday we went to the gym and then to Sam's.  These 2 love getting to eat at Sam's!

And this girl.  She was something else that day!

While the little one's napped that afternoon, Kenna and I went to the pool for the last time of the season! Sad!!!

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