Fun-Filled October Weekend!

On the first weekend October we started our Halloween fun!  We went to dinner at Joe Bocardi's and then headed to Grant's Farm for the Halloween nights!

Seriously.  This is what we get when we ask him to smile!

And this was the best of the 100 pictures we tried to get of the 3 of them.

The tram ride over was so cute. They were playing Halloween music on the radio and had decorations all along the ride to the other part.

I knew Elijah would be scared to death of the goats, but he wanted to feed them so we got him a milk bottle.  First he tried to drink it.  Then before we even got inside a goat literally bit off the nipple of the milk bottle and Elijah was petrified to go any further!  Even when I held him, he was freaking out and asking to leave. 

Elsie was NOT a fan either!

We ran into a friend from McGrath and her girls.  They were dressed in Descendants as well, so we had to get a pic!

The had a little "haunted" animal show that we went to.  It was pretty cute and the kids liked it!

At the end part they had a DJ playing Halloween music, and the kids danced for a little bit. 

Saturday morning McKenna was working on a project she started the day before when a friend came over.  Elsie moved the stool over there to help her! Big brother was holding on to her to make sure she didn't fall.  He seriously is the sweetest!

After the gym we took the kids up to McKenna's school to play and drivetheir cars!

That night we went to dinner at Red Lobster to celebrate my mom's birthday!

Elijah kept doing this little pose when we asked for a picture, so Papa did it with him!

Elsie does this hilarious thing where she will shake her whole body when she first gets her binky in her mouth.  We were all cracking up watching her do that!

We got an amazing lava chocolate chip cookie that everyone devoured!

Sunday morning we lounged for a bit before church.  Love these sweet sisters!

Elsie wore her backpack to church that day.  She looked sooooo cute.

After church McKenna had a volleyball game.  She had the cutest fan of all cheering her on!

This girl is a major dipper!  She even got the lady sitting next to her to give her a chip so she could dip in Elijah's cheese sauce!

Later that day Elijah and McKenna were making a "big leaf pile" to jump in!

That evening we went to the park for a bit and then to dinner at McAllister's.  It was such a fun weekend!

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