Last Week's Tid Bits!

A couple weeks ago McKenna lost 2 teeth.  One tooth she put under her pillow, and didn't tell us, so the tooth fairy didn't visit...but she also somehow lost the tooth!  The other other tooth she lost in the grass.  Since she had no teeth, I told her she needed to write the Tooth Fairy a letter.  She finally wrote it last Monday.  It cracked me up!

She also left some blank notes for the tooth fairy to fill out!

The tooth fairy wasn't sure how she got money, so she just ignored it! This is what she wrote back. (And my sister informed me that I spelled explanation wrong! She asked me if the tooth fairy did it on purpose to be a learning opportunity! haha)

Well the tooth fairy's plan of ignoring the money question back fired because McKenna wrote back!  I told her that the tooth fairy won't see that note until the next time she looses her teeth.  Hopefully the note will be lost by then! ;)

This top picture came up in my Timehop from 2 years ago.  Bottom is now! We LOVE Halloween jammies!

Tuesday night was a PTO meeting at McKenna's school.  There was childcare there, but Elsie was crying so much they brought her to me in the meeting.  That girl is too much!

During McKenna's gymnastics class last Wednesday, we went to Hobby Lobby.  Elijah asked me to take his picture with Santa!

Elsie is obsessed with "brushing" her teeth and trying to eat the tooth paste.  Last week she squirted it all over the carpet, and the next day when I went to put my gym shoes on, she had put some inside the shoe!

McKenna came home from school with a book she started.  She was literally writing in this book for hours!!

Thursday night we had a meeting for the new Brenwood Choir.  Kenna is so excited to be in it with friends!

And this gem came up in my Timehop.  Tony sent me this picture of McKenna after he dropped her off at school.  Girl had NO pants on with this sweater.  He thought it was a dress.  Needless to say, he went back up to the school with pants!!

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