All About Last Week!

We were leaving last week to go somewhere and Elsie grabbed McKenna's book bag to go!

I guess Elijah took these pictures on McKenna's IPad because I haven't' seen them before.  But seriously, how cute are these.

Friday night McKenna had a birthday party for some of her good friends that are twins!

While she was gone, these 2 just pigged out on Cheese Its!

Elsie LOVES to brush her teeth!

At the birthday party, Kenna learned a magic trick!  She had to perform it for us!

We FINALLY got cable back, and these 2 were excited to watch some Mickey Mouse!

Saturday night Tony and I had a date night! We went to dinner at Square One Brewery and then to Dave and Busters to play some games!

I couldn't find Elsie Sunday morning and found her like this eating the candy!  She was saying "cheese" over and over while I was taking this picture!

Elsie fell and hurt herself somehow, so big sister to the rescue!

After church Elijah really wanted to hold "baby's" hand, but she was having none of it! 

After church McKenna had her last volleyball game of the season.  Afterward she had  a pizza party at Jet's pizza!

Everyone was super crabby from staying up late, waking up early, Daylight's Savings that we stayed home the rest of the day and had early bedtimes!

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