Last Week's Happenings!

-I had to take this pic to show how tiny McKenna is!  These are supposed to be yoga pants, so tight fitting.  They are super loose and they're a size 8.  She's about to be 9!  I definitely NEVER had that problem growing up! 

-Elijah looked like a mad scientist with that crazy hair!

 -Elsie just is just so cute and we can't get enough of her!  Here she is saying blue.  That's the only color she seems to know so far!

 -I was making dinner, and when I wasn't paying attention Elsie stole the cheese.  I then got this cute video of her!

-Elsie loves to pick up a phone or something that looks like a phone and say "hello, hello, bye."  It's adorable.  Later in this video you can hear her say "hello, hello, ok, bye."  (She was using my coffee scoop as a phone!)

-Kenna had a doctor appointment, so Elsie stayed entertained with a dry erase marker and board.  Elijah took these pictures of her!

-Haircut time for Elijah! 

-Finally some progress on our house! 

-Kenna did a cheerleading mini-camp last Saturday and performed at the Varsity Boys basketball game on Thursday!  I accidentally deleted one of the cheers, but here's the other one!

You can't totally hear, but these girls were singing Hamilton.  They are OBSESSED with Hamilton and seriously know almost every line to every song.

-Friday night Kenna and I went to see Sound of Music at the Fox!  It was kids night, so we got to do  some actiivites before the show started.  The show was SO good and we had a fun time!

 -This girl is just so busy and ALWAYS into something! But, geez, she's so cute!

-Elijah was invited to his first friend birthday party Saturday afternoon!  He was shy guy for the first 30 minutes and wouldn't leave my lap. Then he was all over the place!

-Saturday night we went to get some burgers for dinner.  And some of us stayed in our jammies!

-After that it was a Saturday Night Dance Party!

-February 1 brought back on Valentine's Mail!  I think the kids look more forward to the treat they get than our love notes!

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