Mary Poppins Week...

McKenna's Mary Poppin's performance was this weekend, so our whole week basically revolved around Mary Poppin's practice and performances!  
Monday was nice enough out that Elise wanted to play outside!

-McKenna practiced every day from 6-9, so it was just the little's around!  They had so much fun together.  2 days they made a "party" in Elijah's bed, which basically consisted of throwing everything that was in their room in his bed and then laying in it!

-Tony had to stop by Target to get McKenna's shoes for the performance, so he got himself some popcorn and soda.  The little's snuck some popcorn and soda while dad was in the bathroom! ;)

-Gammie sent us package in the mail from Florida with Spring Training Cardinal shirts for all of us!  It was such a fun, unexpected surprised.  The kids were sooooo excited, especially Elijah!

-Elise loves to "cower" in her Dora book. 

-Wednesday night was the only night that we could record McKenna's performance.  Tony had a work meeting, so I had to bring the little's with me.  Elijah was fine but Elsie was a handful!

-Elijah took a selfie during intermission!

-On Thursday McKenna's teacher, a friend, Coco, Steve, Tripp, and Gussie came to see her opening performance!  Tripp and Gussie gave her a cute little treat bag of candy, and her friend gave her flowers.  She was SO excited!  I asked her if she was nervous, and she said, "at first I was, and then I was like...I just can't wait to get up on that stage!"

-McKenna didn't have school on Friday, so I took off work . We went to the gym and then to CFA!

-These girls LOVE cheese!

-Saturday night Tony and Eli went to see Kenna!

-Elsie has been sick so she's been waking up in the middle of the night basically this whole week and sleeping in our bed. When she woke up this morning she had quite the bedhead!

-How sweet are they!?

-Kenna had her final performance this afternoon.  Sissy, Grandma Mo, and Papa Randy went. Elijah said he wanted to see her perform again, so he went with them!

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