Disney Vacation Day 7: Magic Kingdom

One of our favorite rides last time we came was Seven Dwarf Mine Train.  I had the opportunity to get 9 fast passes to Magic Kingdom and could not get one for Seven Dwarf Mine Train. The typical wait for that ride was 2-2.5 hours and there was no way we were waiting in that.  So our last day at the parks, we woke up and left our hotel by 6-6:15 am so that we were at the gates before the opened.  We got to the gates at about 7:30ish so that we could run to Seven Dwarf Mine Train right when the park opened.  You'd be shocked at how many people were doing the same as us!  The plan worked though because we only waited a few minutes to get to ride!  Elijah LOVED it, and I'm so happy that the kids got to ride again with Tony using the ride swap.

Since we were there so early, we decided to head to some other rides that normally have a longer wait.  First stop was the Speedway.  Elijah got to steer and McKenna got to push the pedal!

We split up next.  McKenna and I went to ride Space Mountain, while Tony took the little's to ride Buzz again.

We had fast pasesses for Pirates of the Caribbean next!

Magic Carpets of Aladdin was our next ride!

We walked through Cinderlla's Castle on our way to the next stop!

We walked through Swiss Family Robinson's Home next!  It was really cool!

We had fast passes for the Jungle Cruise next!

Elijah was in need of a haircut before Easter, so I made an appointment to get his hair cut on Main Street at the Barber! It was a throwback Barber Shop and was so cute!!

The kids both got Pixie Dust in their hair at the end!

We went home after that for a break before coming back later for dinner and to see the show!  When we were driving out of our hotel area, Elsie threw up everywhere!  We really weren't sure if she was sick, had some bad milk, or what, so we just turned around, changed her, took out her car seat, and headed back!  She was fine thankfully after that!  (Well that is until we got in the car to head home and she threw up again!)

The little's only made it through the first night show and then they were out!!  The show was the perfect ending to our Disney Trip!

Elijah had to sleep with his Buzz that night!

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