7th Week of Summer!

Monday was moving day!  We had mostly already packed everything into a pod, but today was the day we had to get everything out! Elijah slept on a makeshift bed Sunday night and this is how Tony found him Monday morning!  Tony got pictures of everyone on their last morning sleeping in that house!

Once again, the kids kept themselves entrained all day while I packed up!

McKenna got herself all packed and ready to move to Grandma Mo's!

That night we took the kids to my mom's, ate some dinner Randy made, and then Tony and I headed back to the house to finish and clean!  Elise loved the spaghetti!

Tony and I finished everything around 9:30 and then we said goodbye!  So bittersweet!

Elsie's crib wasn't set up, so she had to sleep on a mattress on the floor Monday night.  This is how she was Tuesday morning!

Elijah wasn't used to sleeping on a "big" bed, and this is how Tony found him!

Tuesday morning it was closing time! I took the kids to my sister's, then went to sign all the paperwork.

Tuesday was Cow Appreciation Day, so we put on our cow spots and headed to CFA for lunch!

After lunch we went to the pool for a bit, then met dad back at CFA for dinner!  On the way home, Elsie fell asleep!  She didn't get a nap that day, so I know she was tired!

Wednesday we went to the gym and then to the movies to see Shrek 2. On the way home, we stopped by 7-11 for free slushes!  This kid cracks me up!

After Elsie napped, we went to Target for some diapers.  Elijah once again wore his "fixer" goggles and rain boots!

That evening we went to watch Tony's last summer softball game.

Thursday we went to the gym, and then to the pool for Elijah's swim lesson.  That evening we went to Six Flags and then Young's!

They had a Mardi Gras parade, and the kids got tons of beads!

Friday we went to the gym and then to shop the Nordstrom sale!! That evening Tony and I went to a friends house for some fun and games!

Saturday morning Elijah had t-ball!  It was their first week they played an actual game. 

After that we went the mall for a return then to Blue's City for lunch!  We got there a little before it opened, so we had some selfie fun!

Nana was getting some love while we were waiting in line!

We got salt & vinegar chips while we were there, and of course the kids had to eat some of our food.  I willingly shared just to get their reactions!!

Saturday night Tony and I went to  a Wimbelpong party and it was so fun!!

Sunday morning we headed to church.  McKenna wore an old pair of my sister's shoes that she found!

After church we went to Tony's parents house for a birthday party.  We went home for short naps, and then to my aunt's house.  Before we left I had to sap a pic of Elsie.  She LOVES going to sit in the desk chair, getting the phone, and then pretending to talk on it.  She does this almost daily!

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