Taylor Swift Week!!

This is Elsie's poop position.  Every single time she poops, she sits on the floor like this.  She'll either have her hands on the floor like this, or pushing against her cheeks.  It's hilarious!!
Elsie loves to sit in the chair that my mom naps in.  It's so cute!

Tuesday Kenna and I got to go see Taylor Swift!  This was her birthday present from us, so it's been much anticipated since March!  It was a GREAT concert and she had the time of her life!

We were on our way and SO excited!

Camilla Cabelo was also there, and McKenna rocked out to her song! Ha! This is how this girl sings every song.  And she sings all, day every day!  She's bound to be on stage someday!

Everyone got this cool light up bracelets that lit up based on where you sit, and would go to the beats of the songs.  They were awesome!

On Wednesdays we have LOTS of time to kill, so we went to the mall playground one day!

Elsie is obsessed with reading books lately!

Thursday Elijah didn't take a nap at school and he fell asleep on the way home, on the way inside, and then once we got inside! haha!

Friday after school we went to the park for a bit!

After dinner Friday night we went to get some ice cream!

Saturday afternoon I surprised the kids with Disney on Ice!

We met some of McKenna's friends there, which was also a surprise for McKenna!

Saturday night Tony and I had a date night! We went to a Japanese Steakhouse and then tried to go to Top Golf, but the wait was 3 we just went browsing!

Sunday Tony left for Denver, so it was just me and the kids for a week!  Sunday we lounged around for a bit.  Elijah played with his contraption he made up a few weeks ago that he plays with all the time. It cracks me up!

Kenna had a volleyball game, then we went to the park afterward!

Elsie cracks me up because she can be suck a dardevil, and a little old lady!  She was clearly a little old lady crossing the bridge here. In the video you can hear her say "woah" when the boys run by her and it cracks me up!!

When we were getting ready for bed, Elijah must have found a pair of Tony's work gloves, and he ran to me like this.  Crazy kid!!

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