First Half of November!

Our first half of November started off amazing because we became under contract for this house!! We don't close until January 4 but we are SO excited!

This girl is too much to handle on a regular basis.  But gosh, she is too darn cute.

Cuddles on the couch, probably watching a Hallmark movie! ;)

I was getting my hair done when I got this text from Tony.  Apparently Ellijah has had this in his nose for over 2 weeks!

Kenna got to have a fun field trip to the Science Center and Cahokia Mounds!

The kids got new hats and gloves, and Elsie just couldn't wait to put hers on!

A new house meant lots of furniture shopping!

McKenna had a sleep under with her girl scout troop.  They had to bring sheets to donate to a shelter, so we got some to match her jammies!

While McKenna was at the sleep under, we went to Shake Shack and Monkey Joe's.

Ninja Turtle Eli!

More furniture shopping...

This came up in my timehop and I couldn't handle the cuteness!

I guess someone was tired...

Elsie tried to take her clothes off to put on her jammies.  She ended up all wrapped up in her shirt!

McKenna had at work on her Oneida Indian project!

We had a much unexpected snow day!!! We played inside most of the day but did venture out to play in the snow!

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