The Rest of Christmas Break!

The kids had fun playing with all their new toys the rest of our break!

We had some shenanigans at the gym!

 Hair chalk!

Me and my girls around the same age.  Thought it was a fun comparison!
This girl is mostly sweet and a little sassy, and we can't get enough of her!

Tony and I got to go out with some of my old work friends!

Play dough was a huge hit!

Shopping with these kids is equal parts hair pulling and funny!

We got to have our final walk through alt the new house.  Elsie had to do her walk through in princess shoes, of course!

Jumping Spider with friends!

New Years Eve night we went ice skating downtown and Elsa was there.  Elsie was shell shocked!

Tony took turns taking Elijah and Elsie around the ice!  McKenna rocked it on her own!

They shot off fireworks at 8!

New Years Day Tony and Elijah went go help build the set for McKenna's musical.

Her performance was at the Grandel and it was so beautiful!

Cookie decorating!

The kids got Magic House passes for Christmas, so I took the kids one day. They had the best time!

Hugs for daddy!  This girl is so affectionate and we eat it up!

It was finally closing day at our house!  We painted up a storm and ate some pizza for dinner!


Elijah loves shopping with his own cart!

Working on the new house wore her out! haha

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